Who do you want to see on The Couch?…

I need your help.

Help me pick a couple from The Shadow Walker books to end up on The Character Couch. You’ll get to send them through a light, fun therapy session that might be surprising.


Would you like Robert to explain some of his past pirate exploits to Maggie? Colin to tell Emily why he chose smuggling to keep Ravensmore running? Hamish? Well, we all know there’s a wealth of subjects with him! Or how about Rawlins and Colin? Rawlins and Dayne? And can you see Monroe explaining to Amy why he drinks? Or maybe Dayne and Thorne together?

It’s your choice! How you ask? It’s easy. Go to the Character Couch’s Submit a Book page and enter your choice.

Books in the Series:
Lost in Shadow (Colin/Emily)
Desired by Shadow (Robert/Maggie)
Iced in Shadow
Reborn in Shadow (Hamish/Anna)

PS If you want a pairing other than the hero/heroine of the book, write them in after you list the book title.

Reborn in Shadow (Hamish and Thorne).

I can’t wait to see who you pick!

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Michelle Willms

I want to know about Robert, please. I’ve always been curious about him.

Cynthia Luhrs

Thanks Michelle! He’s got some interesting stories in his background. I’d love to tell them all 😉