Therapy for ghosts…

Celebrate the month of Halloween by sneaking a peek at a ghost in session!


A war is raging between two factions of ghosts: the evil Day Walkers are out to destroy humanity and the Shadow Walkers are battling to stop them. The god, Dayne, leader of the Shadow Walkers, requires his soldiers to be at their strongest for this conflict. So when he discovers that his best fighter, Robert Bartholomew, Prince of Pirates, is being distracted by marital troubles, Dayne orders Robert and his wife, Maggie, to go see Malloy the Scot, “a man of great wisdom.” Robert, a ghost since being hanged in 1644, has experienced much loss in his years, and now is fiercely protective of the people he loves…overprotective, Maggie would say, which makes her crazy. But as Malloy the Scot helps this couple find a middle ground, a shared past is discovered between the two that may be their undoing more than anything else.



Freud with ghost

Hop on over to The Character Couch to read the session! I’d love it if you weigh in on what you think about Robert and Maggie. They show up again in subsequent books and have a role in the final book, Embraced by Shadow, coming later this year. And a huge thank you to Tracy Tappan for welcoming my Shadow Walkers to The Character Couch.