Happy Halloween – a bonus Shadow Walkers scene


It’s almost Halloween. Enjoy a peek into Gwrych Castle to listen in on Fury and Draken preparing to go trick-or-treating.


Fury and Draken go Trick-or-Treating

“What do you think of my costume” Draken blew a plume of smoke towards the ceiling inside the great hall of Gwrych Castle.

Fury snickered. “Hate to break it to you Draken, but you’re not wearing a costume. You look like a giant dragon wearing sunglasses and a blue wig.”

“What do you know, you look ridiculous.” The dragon belched a small flame and incinerated the ugly tapestry hanging on the wall next to the window. “Oops. Oh well, I  never liked that one anyway. Can’t believe Robert would keep an old rug on the wall depicting the beheading one of my kind. Serves him right.”

Fury waved a hand in front of his middle head. “Ugh. Smells like burnt dust.” He turned back and forth eyeing his reflection in the ornate mirror. “You’re just jealous you can’t shift into a human.”

“Who are you supposed to be? You look like you’ve been rolling around in the dirt.”

“Oh wow! You look exactly like him!” Maggie came into the room, walked around Fury twice before running a finger down his bicep. “I can’t believe it.” She peered at his face then jumped back. “Might want to change your eye color. They’re glowing red.”

“I thought it was a nice touch. Think I got the clothes right?”

“Maggie? Maggie, where are you?” Robert blinked as he walked into the room. “And who might you be, sir?”

“It’s Fury. Doesn’t he look exactly like Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead?” Maggie clapped her hands together. “He’s got the hair perfect. Even his voice sounds exactly like Daryl.”

Draken snorted. “I don’t see the appeal of this show. Why ruin the meat? Seeing zombies walking around, it’s wasteful.”

Fury/Daryl manifested a motorcycle in the great hall. “True. They’d require a LOT of sauce to be palatable but it’s make-believe. You do know that?” He started up the bike. “Are you going to stand around bitching all night or are we going trick-or-treating? I want lots of chocolate.”

Robert looked amused. “We have tons of candy here. You don’t need to scare the villagers.”

“Let them go, everyone’s seen Draken flying in the sky. It’ll be fun. If I wasn’t taking the kids around the estate, I’d go.” Maggie laughed and kissed her pirate husband.

Fury drove out the front doors while Draken vanished.

Robert watched them depart. “I think I need a drink, join me love?”

* * *

Late that night Fury and Draken returned as the kids were gathered around the huge fire in the great hall. Robert and Maggie were telling ghost stories and a few of the kids screamed when the door banged shut.

“Who wants more candy?” Draken shook his brightly colored sack.

Shouts of “me, me” rang out across the room. Fury changed back to his natural form of a three-headed hellhound holding the two bulging sacks in his mouth. The middle head glared at the kids. “You can have anything except the chocolate. I don’t share chocolate.” He manifested a huge jar of peanut butter and another of marshmallow creme. “What? They’re the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate.”

Robert shook his head. “It’s going to be a long night.”

Maggie laughed and hugged Draken before making her way over to Fury. “Thank you for sharing your candy. Did you scare anyone?”

From across the room, Draken snorted, “Everyone loved my costume. They thought I was a human in a dragon costume.”

Each of Fury’s three heads rolled their eyes. “More like a fat dinosaur.”

Robert spit out his champagne, choking and coughing. “Better not let him hear you say that he might singe your fur.”

“Whatever. Maggie, can you believe some of the people didn’t know who I was? Luckily, I had my iPad with me to show them clips from the latest Walking Dead episode.” He paused, looking around the room. “You know, I think I’ll pay Norman Reedus a visit. I know he’d be impressed with my interpretation of his character.” He dipped a large candy bar into the chocolate and popped it into his mouth. “And if he isn’t, I’ll eat him. Then I’ll take his place on the show.”

“Is he serious?” Robert looked faintly concerned at starting an international incident.

“I’m not sure but maybe we better tweet him. I hear he’s on twitter more than you and Colin.” Maggie laughed.

“It’s fun. If I’d had twitter and texting back in the day, think of all the treasure and ships I could have taken. Perhaps I should try it out just to see what can be done?”



Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you enjoyed this peek into everyday life with the Shadow Walkers.