Super Bowl Sunday became Create Something Sunday

I posted on Facebook yesterday how my plans suddenly changed and I decided to use the day to indulge my creative side.


Now I’m posting the results of the 5 (I know, I’m insane) projects.

Finishing the lining and assembling my crochet purse.
I LOVE LOVE how this clutch came out. The original inspiration can be found here. I used all one color (navy, Lilly Sugar and Creme cotton yarn) and then used a silver purse frame instead of a zipper. I also made a lining with a pocket and I made an inner and outer lining so the pretty side would show through the crochet spaces.









Crocheting with cotton cord.

I bought a small amount of cotton cord (12 yards) and made a coaster. I used a P hook and simply chained 8 and then did HDCs across, ch2 and repeat. It came out really cute. Then I wondered how it would look dyed so I dyed it blue.  I’d love to buy a giant spool and try a purse and a rug…















Finger crochet.

This cowl was so much fun!











Then I wondered how a purse would look…











I used my finger, chained 9 so it was about 11-12 inches and SC across, ch1 and repeat until it was approx. 19 inches long. I finished it off by SC all the way around. I traced an outline onto fabric for the inner and outer lining and put fusible fleece on one fabric and fusible interfacing on the other piece. And I made a small pocket on the lining. You don’t have to do an outer lining but I knew you could see through some of the spaces and I didn’t want my stuff falling out! Then I hand sewed (ugh! I know but it’s way too bulky to go through the machine, trust me, I tried!) the lining to the rectangle. After that, I used the same yarn – Lion Brand Quickie in colorway Icy to whipstitch the sides together.You’ll need 2 skeins of the yarn and it will take all of it so if you crochet tight or make your bag slightly larger, get 3 skeins. A skein is only 22 yards. Last, I used an old handle from a bag I was getting rid of to finish it off. Almost makes me wish winter would last longer so I could use the bag! I’m going to use t-shirt yarn to crochet another clutch since I have the second handle from that old purse…



I planned to continue working on a big purse. It’s hot pink for summer and I have a really fun lining fabric but…I ran out of steam. Whew! A very productive Sunday.

And for those of you asking, this is all great but where the heck is the next book?! I’ve finished the major research and outline so this week I start writing the first draft for the new series…a medieval time travel featuring a sassy heroine and cranky knight. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share the cover…soon.

How was your Sunday?