A tisket a tasket…

A green and yellow basket.  I’m so excited about the new book…

I can tell you it’s different from the Shadow Walkers books, not as dark. Lighthearted and…a medieval time travel. Want to know the title?


The cover is almost ready to unveil and I can’t wait to hear what you all think. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend whether you celebrate Easter or not, if you’re traveling, be safe and read a good book!

I’ll be traveling to Booneville, KY with a friend. We’re delivering over $7K of goods to a community there. I’ll be posting pictures on twitter and Facebook in case you want to follow along! And my friend who’s in charge of this adventure has us on Instagram as RoadTripGals.

About six months ago I learned to crochet. I’ve been having so much fun. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my projects and what I’ve been reading. I crocheted up a handful of cute eggs.


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