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Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop

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Jennifer W

The best movie I’ve seen lately is definitely the new Star Wars flick 🙂 My inner child was fully satisfied.

Angelica Dimeo

best show I have seen recently was Better Call Saul


One of my favorite TV shows is Castle.

debbie campbell

I saw The Revenant. It was such an intense movie, but very well acted and beautifully filmed. I had to close my eyes a lot, though (too much gore for me!)

Maria Malaveci

The New Star Wars!

Molli Vandehey

im actually just reqatching star trek

Melissa Morr

My favorite tv show never miss them Chicago Fire, Scandal & Nashville

Kelly Nicholson

Best movie you’ve seen recently or favorite TV show?

star war was ok..didnt match hype though

Richard Brandt

The best movie I’ve seen recently was The Hurt Locker.

Sara Zielinski

Best movie I have seen recently is PIxels.

Rita Wray

My favorite TV show right now is Colony starring Josh Holloway.


I’ve been enjoying the first two episodes of Lucifer.


It’s a toss up between Elementary and iZombie.

Cathy French

One of my favorite TV shows is the blacklist.

Ann Fantom

Modern Family is my favorite TV show

Heidi Robbins

I love the BBC miniseries of North and South

Wendy Mitchell

I am watching it now, the new show Lucifer. It is riviting.


I just saw kung fu panda 3. It was really cute.

Krystal Waters

One of my favorite TV shows is Mom, so funny.

Tori Hoffert

Footloose is always my favorite movie, it never gets old.

Judy Cox

Favorite TV show is NCIS. I love show like that.


I love watching Revenge on Netflix!


I saw The Big Short recently and it was so good!


WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is the best movie I’ve seen in a while!


I am horrible at picking favorites but one of my favorite TV shows is Greys Anatomy!

Bonny McDevitt

Oh best T.V. show by far is “Shameless”!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna N.

Favorite TV show at the moment is Outlander.


One of my favorites is Grace and Frankie.


We’re currently watching The 100 — we’re on season 2.

Debra Guillen

My favorite tv show is Outlander and I can’t wait until it returns for another season.

Lisa Brown

favorite TV show is NCIS


One of my favorite TV shows is Person of Interest. Thanks!

Christy Maurer

I’m watching the new XFiles now. They’re so good!

Janie McGaugh

My favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory.

Jeanna Massman

I like the show Downton Abbey!

Jan Lee

My favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory 🙂

Josy Herrera

The Shadowhunters tv show 🙂

Karen Deva

My favorite TV show is probably Top Chef.

Pat Walker Pinkston

Favorite TV show is NCIS.

Barbara Montag

Best movie I’ve seen recently is The Revenant.
thank you

Cynthia C

One of my favorites is Big Bang Theory.

Judith R.

The best TV show that I’ve seen recently is The Big Bang Theory.

Christina Sparks

My favorite show right now is Criminal Minds.

crystle tellerday

law and order SVU

Denise B.

I like to watch “Mysteries of the Museum”.

Debbi Wellenstein

I am currently binge watching The Following on Netflix.


My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. I’m anticipating watching the new episode on Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Laura B

My favorite tv show right now is Workaholics.

David H.

I think the best movie I have seen is It Follows (2015). It was a smart, and clever horror film that was pretty refreshing.


I recently started watching Transporter: The Series and I can say I’m obsessed with it!

Lara M.

Mt favorite (and best ever in my opinion) tv show is The 100.

Lauren A.

Gilmore Girls!

Joann Downie

My fave show is Blue Bloods!!

Michelle J.


kathy pease

My favorite tv show is nancy grace


I love The Big Bang Theory!

Cynthia R

My favorite show these days is Downton Abbey.

Alona Y

My favorite recent show is the leftovers, it’s heady and dark and weird – interesting.


My favorite show is Outlander.


The last movie that I saw that I loved was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I saw it on opening night and went back to see it again a week later. I will probably see it one more time before it leaves the theatres.


Best Movie I have seen recently is “The Flower Shop Mystery: Mums The Word”

Christine Jensen

Hmm, I don’t go to see lots of movies….or TV shows, but I do like Big Bang Theory and Friends

jenny stratton

I really like the Mysteries of Laura.

Susan Smith

Modern Family is my favorite TV show

Sherry S.

My favorite TV show is Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda.

Tara Woods

My current favorite tv show is Empire with Outsiders a very close second.

Karen M.

I love that The X-Files is back on TV!

Amber S.

My favorite tv show is The Walking Dead.

Amy Deeter

The best movie that i have seen lately would be the movie Furious 7.Great tribute to Paul Walker !

Kristina N.

I saw The Martian, very good movie!

Stephanie Larison

The Martian was really good, just saw that last night.

Linda Bradshaw

I love Downton Abbey. I have Seasons 1 to 5 so far.


I don’t have a favorite tv show and I haven’t seen a movie lately. Just books and audio books.

Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Linda Romer

My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead ♡ Thank you

Stacey A Smith

favorite TV show is between NCIS and Criminal Minds.


My favorite tv show is Big Bang Theory.


My favorite TV shows right now are Supernatural and The Good Wife.

Cynthia Mercado

WE love so many tv shows! All the Chicago based shows, NCIS, CSI, Grimm, The Walking Dead, Most shows on Food Network

Sherry Conrad

Fave TV show is NCIS.

Karen Drake

My favorite tv show is the Bates Motel.

Buddy Garrett

Untold Stories Of The E.R. is my favorite tv show.

Julie Hawkins

My favorite show is game of thrones

Kristina Potter

My favorite right now would have to be Shadow Hunters


My new favorite TV show is Lucifer.


Favorite tv show is Supernatural

Stephanie A

The movie Interstellar was great, I saw it recently!

tim d

Favorite TV show is gas monkey


I’ve been getting into Arrow

Penny Olson

Best TV show. True Detectives.

Jerry Marquardt

My favorite TV show is I Dream of Jeannie. I like Sidney Sheldon.


My favorite tv show is How to Get Away With Murder!

Linda Kish

Favorite TV show (s)…Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.

Richard Hicks

It would be Star Wars for me

Sarah L

No TV and haven’t been to a movie in a long time.
Thanks for the contest.

Leah Shumack

Right now I’m loving Code Black on Wednesday nights!

Sue A.

Really excited to have it back… X-Files 2016