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LOVE IN BLOOM Giveaway Hop
May 17th – 29th


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Hopefully, a beach vacation is in my future! I have at least one book with me every time I travel! Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

Janet W.

We’re going to the beach in June. Yes, I always bring some books to read!

Sandra Rodriquez

going to phoenix just plan to take my kindle with me no physical books

James Robert

We will go to a water park a couple times then more work on remodeling my old home. The kids all bring books

Debra Guillen

I don’t have any vacation plans this summer yet, but I always take books on vacation with me.

Sara Zielinski

I do not have any vacation plans right now.


I don’t care for traveling much anymore, but I always have some form of book with me.

Elizabeth Sullivan

We have too many cats, so no vacation, only cats…


We don’t have plans yet….but I will be bringing books/kindle!

Angelica Dimeo

I have no plans this summer

Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

My hubby and I will be going to France this summer on our way we will be dropping off our 4 year old with grandparents in Chicago, so it will be a very nice vacation. Yes, I do bring books with me. Have to have something to read on the plan and when we aren’t running around being tourists.

Heidi Robbins

We’re taking a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. I always bring books since my husband loves to drive!

Rita Wray

I don’t have any plans for the summer. I will be spending a lot of time with my grandkids.


We would like to go to Cedar Point. I always take books everywhere I go.

Pamela Gurganus

My vacation plans this summer are to hang out by the pool as often as possible and I always take a book to read.

Lily M.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do this summer, I might go on a trip to my home town of Chicago, I used to take books but there isn’t really time to read on a trip.


I plan on going on some sort of road trip this summer and will totally bring books :]

Jo Anne V

going to the shore and of course there will be books with me

jenny stratton

This summer no real vacation because we are moving to South America and I will have lots of books with me.

Ashley F

My “vacation” includes foot surgery in about a month, I will be loading my kindle up with books and graphic novels! I might even re-read Harry Potter!

Michelle J.

We’re going to the beach, and I always bring books!

Diana Corlett

I will be having a staycation with my dogs and cats. And yes, I always have a book to read close to hand 🙂

Diana Corlett

I will be having a staycation with my dogs and cats. And yes, I always have a book to read close to hand 🙂

Sherrie Messier

My vacation plans are to spend the day at the beach most days with my kids.

Rachel B

I’m going on a disney cruise for july 4th weekend and plan to bring my kindle so i have lots to read!

Amber Terry

I probably won’t be vacationing this summer!

Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

Linda Romer

My vacation is sitting in my back yard reading ♡ Thank you! No travel plans yet.

Judy Cox

We will be going to visit our new great grandson in Houston next month and I always take books anywhere I go!!!!

Jan Lee

I will hopefully be going to visit my great niece and great nephew, a few times over the summer. I don’t take books as I only stay a few hours each time. I do try to read books to them when I go since they are toddler and preschool age 🙂

Connie Lee

I’m afraid we don’t have any vacation plans this year, except maybe for a day trip here or there. I love taking along a book to read if I get the chance.

Ann Fantom

We will be going to the beach for vacation this year. Yes, I will be taking several books to read on the beach

Jeanna Massman

We have no plans to travel this summer but when we do I always take books with me.

Lisa Brown

i have no plans yet for the summer; I may go camping and take a cozy mystery.

Nicole Carter

No vacation plans because I’m broke and generally I don’t bring books with me on vacation.


no plans; maybe

Penny Olson

I’m hoping to go to the coast this summer and I always bring books on vacation.


I am taking my vacation a little later (end of September) and we are going on a week-long cruise to Bermuda. I always bring my Kindle so I have plenty of reading material, and I usually bring a book or two for the plane as well. Since it is still a few months away though, I have no idea what I will be reading yet.

Donna N.

Unfortunately haven’t gotten any plans this summer but when I do go on vacation I pack a ton of books .


We don’t have any vacation plans this summer. We’ll probably go to the beach a few times though and I’ll definitely bring some books to read.

Susan Smith

We are going on a cruise and I always bring books with me.

Daniel M

no plans can’t afford to go anywhere

Sherry S.

I don’t have any plans but to stay home because money is short this year.


I actually just came back from Vacation. I don’;t like to travel when it’s really hot. I bring my ereader and two paper books in case there’s a problem with the reader.


I’ll use my vacation time this year to prepare for, attend and rest after my sister’s wedding. I don’t think there will be time for books.


I am planning to spend some time at the beach this summer. I will definitely take some books with me. Thanks for the great giveaway!


I always bring my phone with a kindle app full of unread books 🙂 I will probably be working this whole summer so I’m gonna have my vacation in September

Amanda Frank

I have any plans at the moment but I always bring a book with me when I’m going to be somewhere overnight and now that I have the Kindle app on my phone it will be even easier to read when I’m away from home

Christine M

I’m planning to go to Las Vegas this summer! I always take my kindle loaded with at least 10 new books so I have a variety to choose from.


No vacation plans this summer. We prefer staycations b/c we are happiest at home. I always have reading material on hand at home and away.

Thanks 🙂

Sarah L

Planning a 4 day trip to Santa Fe to see the opera. Do this every year.
What? travel without a book? Usually my Kindle and a library book.
Thanks for the contest.


No vacation– but I live in Florida so there will be plenty of opportunities to read on the beach — and I never leave the house without a book!

Amber Jones

Plenty of visits to amusemnet parks and Ill be reading at the beach!

Renee Rousseau

We are going to the Atlanta Aquarium for a swim with whales session. We will also visit the zoo and the puppet museum.

Linda Kish

I never go anywhere. I do day trips to San Diego to go to the zoo or safari park but that’s about it.

Jerry Marquardt

I usually bring books on a vacation. This year, however, it is no vacation, as the only thing I can do this summer is have surgery on my aching hip.


No, vacation plans. I normally brings books on vacation.