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When She Was Bad

Hope Jones left North Carolina in the rearview mirror.

She’d kept a low profile, refused to watch the news and focused on surviving, keeping her promise. But when people get sick from tainted meat, Hope takes matters into her own hands, drawing the attention of powerful people who will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

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Bonita Burroughs

I am currently reading Fast Forward by Darren Wearmouth. I just finished Betrayal by John Sneeden and Curse the Moon by Lee Jackson. I recommend all three. The Lee Jackson novel is especially good.

Randi Robinson

What am I currently reading? Well, I am listening to Micro by Michael Crichton while reading One Last Lie to write a review for Readers Club. I am also reading books for Netgalley, my Literary Escapes and Alphabet reading challenges, and the summer reading club starts June 11.


Hello, currently I am reading Death and the Damned by James Seeley

Catherine Ojalvo

I am currently the Scorch series by Toby Neal..


I am currently reading Margaritas & Murder by CeCe Osgood.

Kyer Bustamante-Quon

I am reading Choices: Volume II of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy by Jerry Blair

And starting over on the Pendergast series of Lincoln and Child with Relic.

Marie Rauch

I am reading Thriller edited by James Patterson. It is a collection of thriller stories.

Ginger Headlee

I am reading The Other Widow by Susan Crawford right now. I love psychological thrillers!

Carol Dillon

I am currently reading ‘Shadow Over the Fens’ by Joy Ellis and enjoying it very much!


I’m readi g the whole series of “Berkley Street” from Ron Ripley and now began “The Blood Series” from the same author.

Love when read “Prip’Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl” from Mike Krauss, you know how it going to end but not exactly the way. With 5 characters he made a great book.

Another from Sue Coletta’s “Marred & Cleaved”. That’s a rollercoaster.

Sorry, I’m addicted to read

Rebecca Booth

I am reading The Guests Of South Battery by Karen White! An absorbing read!


I am currently reading The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds by Selina Siak Chin Yoke. What an amazing walk and look at life through a Malayan-Chinese woman’s eyes as her world shifts with the challenges of colonial and then western influences.