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The Ghost and Miss Gray


I can’t wait, had to share the cover for The Ghost and Miss Gray, the young adult novel i’ve been stealing moments to work on. No publication date yet but I’ll let you know as soon as i have one.
Death isn’t kind. Death doesn’t care about goodness and light. Death wants its due.
Those who have died by violent means must pay their way into the afterlife with the souls of three innocents or remain in the gray for eternity. In the shadows, those between life and death dwell in a gray, colorless existence. Watching. Waiting. Cade is supposed to lead her to her death. One more and he can cross over, find eternal peace.
But she intrigues him…the first in over two hundred years. For the first time since he felt the bullet pierce his chest, Cade has seen color. Now every day she is near, he sees and feels more. The blue of the sky, the silver lake, the green trees, the scent of her skin, and her soft golden eyes.
Forbidden to care for a human, Cade will defy death, breaking all the rules to feel the warmth of the sun and touch Violet one last time.

Coming in June!

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You can see the inspiration board on Pinterest for the book.