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A Moonlit Knight

When your grandfather hails from medieval England and you’ve grown up on stories of knights and castles, it’s hard to find a modern-day guy who measures up. To quote her granda, they’re all dolts.

Chloe Penelope Merriweather is ready to give up on fairy tales. She’s spending the summer before college traipsing around England and visiting all the sights she’s heard so much about.

Though a tiny part of her wishes with all her heart that she too could travel through time, have a grand adventure and meet her own knight in shining armor. And wouldn’t it be fabulous if she could actually meet one of the infamous Merriweather women?

But alas, fairy tales belong in books. So she’ll settle for enjoying the trip of a lifetime and close the book once and for all on childish stories…or will she?

Series Reading Order:

Knights Through Time Travel Romances

Book 1: A Knight to Remember
Book 2: Knight Moves
Book 3: Lonely is the Knight
Book 4: Darkest Knight
Book 5: Forever Knight
Book 6: First Knight
Book 7: Last Knight
Book 8: My One and Only Knight
Book 9: Beyond Time
Book 10: Time After Time
Book 11: A Moonlit Knight



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