Embraced by Shadow

EMBRACED BY SHADOW is the thrilling conclusion to the Shadow Walkers Ghost series. Yep, Monroe’s getting his turn.

Born in Shadow

Two brothers born to the supreme goddess, forgotten by time, rise again, creating the Shadow and Day Walkers

Reborn in Shadow

REBORN IN SHADOW…Hamish Campbell committed so many sins he’d lost track of them all.

Iced in Shadow

A mysterious layer of ice covers the walls of Ravensmore castle. Rumors of an angry spirit out to destroy those who reside in the castle are whispered in the halls.

Desired by Shadow

Helping a dying stranger, Maggie unleashes a terrible curse when she saves the immortal pirate Black Bart. Now with only a week before they are doomed, time is running out as they are locked in a deadly fight with forces that will stop at nothing to destroy them.

Lost in Shadow

A chance encounter with a ghostly highland warrior unleashes a deadly curse and a chance at eternal love…