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The Shadow Walkers Saga Books 1-3

Been wanting to start the Shadow Walkers series or have a friend you’ve been wanting to introduce to the series? Now’s the perfect time to try the books. The Shadow Walkers Saga with books 1-3 is available!

In the Shadow Walker series, Cynthia Luhrs creates a sensuous and ghostly world, ripped apart by the struggle between Shadow Walkers and Day Walkers. Now in a convenient eBook bundle, here are the first three thrillingly sexy books:
Lost in Shadow
Desired by Shadow
Iced in Shadow

Book 1: Lost in Shadow – Life has gone from bad to worse. Reeling from a bad break-up, Emily takes off for a long dreamt of vacation to Scotland.

She’s going to forget her past no matter what. Or so she thinks. But fate has other plans… A sexy highlander crosses her path pulling Emily into the shadows and turning her life upside down.

He could be the one. The only problem? Colin just happens to be a ghost.


Book 2 – Desired by Shadow
Could her day get any worse? Kidnapped on the way home from work, Maggie is thrown into a terrifying world of shadow. Narrowly escaping death, she flees and lands at the feet of a stranger. Too bad her soul mate is her greatest fear come to life, the dreaded pirate Black Bart…an immortal Shadow Walker.

Intensely romantic and thrilling, Desired by Shadow is a modern-day ghost story with a dark twist. This paranormal story portrays the struggle between redemption, retribution and the desire to find a love that transcends time.


Book 3 – Iced in Shadow
It’s almost Christmas which should be a time for celebration. Instead, a mysterious layer of ice covers the walls of Ravensmore castle. Rumors of an angry spirit out to destroy those who reside in the castle are whispered in the halls. And if that weren’t enough, Colin will come face to face with his murderer.


Get the bundle of books 4-6 Now! – The Shadow Walkers Saga Books 4-6: Reborn in Shadow, Born in Shadow, and Embraced by Shadow: Modern-day ghost stories with a dark twist (A Shadow Walkers Ghost Novel Book 8)

Series Reading Order:

Lost in Shadow
Desired by Shadow
Iced in Shadow
Reborn in Shadow
Born in Shadow
Embraced by Shadow

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