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There Was A Little Girl


THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL is a psychological thriller that will have you taking a closer look at the people you thought you knew. 

No one is what they seem…
Katherine Hope Jones is a seemingly normal woman with a well-paying job. The horror of her childhood carefully hidden away. But when she witnesses an act of animal cruelty, her carefully constructed world comes crashing down as past and present collide. Nothing she did made a difference, the guilty are still getting away with their crimes.

You never know who’s watching…
As the lies build up and she desperately tries to maintain two identities, a smart animal control officer has discovered something disturbing. Someone is killing animal abusers. Hope slowly unravels from an upstanding citizen into something else. Vigilante. Sociopath. Serial Killer. Hero…

As she takes incredible risks to punish the guilty, she’s blind to the danger closing in around her. For someone powerful and dangerous has noticed what she’s been up to…

Everyone has a line they won’t cross…until they do.


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