2 more weeks!

2 weeks until you meet Violet and Duncan! Here’s a little snippet until then:
When he emerged from the bathing chamber, Duncan strode across the room.
“Shall we go or are ye going to laze about all day?”
Violet gaped at him. Then stood and reached out, touching his face, running her fingers up and down his skin. “Wow. You clean up well. I swear you look like they sculpted you from marble.”
He smirked. “You find me most pleasing.”
“I didn’t mean to say that last part out loud.” She turned a fetching shade of pink. Then she stuck her nose in the air. “It was an observation, like admiring a beautiful flower. Some people find that look attractive.”
“Ye think I am as pleasing as a flower.” His mouth twitched, but he knew better than to laugh out loud.
Violet held up the keys. “Let’s go.”
He followed her out of the house. “Aye, ye find my form and visage most pleasing, you may tell me ’tis so.”
“If you don’t stop talking, I won’t let you taste pizza.”
For a moment, Duncan was so distracted by her long legs in the scandalous shorts that he almost missed what she said. “Wait. What is ‘pizza’?”
The woman smirked at him. “Be quiet and you’ll find out.” She opened the door to the horseless carriage.
’Twas an odd shape, almost like an egg on its side. Duncan paled. “Nay, I wish to walk.”
“Don’t be a baby. All men love cars. Get in.” 
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