A few of my favorite things

Have you finished your holiday shopping?┬áIf you haven’t, I have a few suggestions for a few of my favorite things.

A comfy lap desk

A timer to keep you focused

If you prefer an app, the Be Focused Pro app (apple) is excellent. It’s based on the Pomodoro concept. I use it when I’m drafting my books. I also use it to clean or do other tasks as well. You can also use the timer on your phone or a kitchen timer, whatever works. Give it a try and boost your productivity.

Pretty pens

If you’re a mac user, these cases are beautiful. I have the pink glitter and lilac faux alligator.

My favorite cart. I use one for my planners, one for sewing supplies, and one for cleaning supplies. Target, Michaels, and other retailers have similar carts.

And of course my ebook boxed sets make great gifts.

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