A Knight in Tarnished Armor

Weddington Castle has long been in ruins, but the gardens are still spectacular, not to mention it’s where Amy’s best friendĀ disappeared last year. Visitors are only allowed to visit the gardens one day a week, so if she hurries, she can take a tour, and then when no one is watching, sneak through the ivy covered gate to search the two remaining towers from top to bottom.

But when she hits her head, Amy wakes to find herself lost in time. The castle looks new and there are men with swords. If she can’t find her way back, she’ll never find Lily. And she won’t be able to clear her name, losingĀ her coveted job at the college for good. But if she stays, she’ll have the opportunity to see firsthand how people lived, to see for herself what the history books got wrong and what they got right. Maybe she could stay for a few days? Or a week at most…

Christopher de Savage has no time for the strange woman he finds lurking in his gardens. He has a castle to finish, enemies to defeat, and somehow has to find a way back into the good graces of his brother and his odd wife.

Coming July 28th, 2022

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