A Scot for all Time

Kate Adams should have known better than to surprise her boyfriend in Scotland. Yet here she was, watching Angus charm everyone around him. As she took a step forward, someone tapped a knife against their glass and the next thing she knew, her boyfriend was beaming next to his new fiancé, ring sparkling in the light streaming through the windows.

Fleeing, Kate runs until she can’t breathe, only to find herself in a desolate cemetery. As her tears fill the cracks on an old gravestone, the letters too faded and worn to make out, her heart breaks. With a sob, she makes a wish with all her heart… to find someone to love, and someone to love her above all else.

When she wakes, the sunset casts a rosy glow on a  the man standing before her, dressed in a kilt. Rob MacLeod walked through the mist to the kirk to put flowers on the graves of his family, only to find a strange woman on the ground, weeping.


Coming April 2023!